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Background of Mascots


The history of mascots dates back to cavemen and early societies who hunted for their livelihood. Early accounts of masked creatures, often resembling animals were drawn or etched on cave walls and depicted in ancient art. Totem poles were filled with likenesses of animals in ancient cultures. These likenesses are much like the concept of the team mascots evident on football fields and basketball courts. Usually in ancient times the history of mascots' shows that these likenesses were often worshiped. This was especially true during times of hunting and harvest. Ancient tribal people would dress up in the likeness of animals or those on totem poles to incite goodwill from them. They believed this would help with successful hunts and bountiful harvests. Also, ancient cultures would dress up in masks or animal like figures for purposes of fertility. Many would dance in the "mascot" like costume to bring about fertility for people in their tribe or village.

Evolution of Mascots


Society has come a long way in its current version of mascots. Mascots as we know them today have been in the same style and incarnation since the 1800's. They began to spring up on high school and college playing fields during that era. Often live animals were used as the official mascots of teams, and athletes were proudly wearing a patch with the mascot on their uniform. The maintenance and upkeep of live animals became costly and cumbersome, so they were largely eliminated. They evolved to resemble the puppet-like versions we see today.

They've got Personality

Mascots are now seen as artists and entertainers with traits that now make it an art form. They have come to be an embodiment of what the team is and may correlate to the location of the team, or some other overriding characteristic that makes the team unique. Effective mascots do not learn their stage presence from a classroom. Having the ability to become one with the character and reflect this through physical action is crucial to being a believable mascot. The person must be able to put their individuality aside and really get into character. Mascots are especially popular with children. They need to act in a way that is child-friendly and not intimidating.

The more personable a mascot is, the more approachable they will be. Plus they will be well-received by fans of all ages. The position of mascot wields a lot of power over crowds at games. They have the ability to either really involve the crowd in the game, or make a poor attempt and cause the crowd to turn on them.

Mascots as Symbols


Throughout the history of mascots, symbology is a major component that keeps rising to the surface. Mascots are often tagged with names that indicate gender and/or certain attributes. For example, a mascot called Robbie the Rabbit would indicate a male rabbit that is fast on its feet. This does a lot to create an image in the mind of fans and anyone thinking about the particular team the mascot represents. Fans will also come to expect the mascot to react in consistent and specific ways to them on a continual basis.

If a mascot has a habit of doing a certain dance, fans may be disappointed if the mascot decides not to do the famous dance on game day. It is a unique job and the rich history of mascots continues to unfold as time goes by. It is a position that requires creativity, consistency, individuality, and strong symbology. Mascots may not be worshiped like they were in ancient societies, but they are powerful images etched upon the minds of fans everywhere. Many times the team is synonymous with the mascot itself.

There is nothing like a team mascot to perfectly represent your team and drum up a relationship with your supporters. Furthermore, the many weird and wacky mascots out there can add an element of excitement to just about any sports game and also help create a unique identity for a team, group or organization.

Although the advantages of having a mascot are numerous, it is important to remember that designing your mascot well is crucial to getting best results. Choosing a good mascot will result in the perfect representation of your team and creating a character that is memorable for everyone; it can therefore be argued that selecting a great mascot design company is also critically important.


Firstly, it is important to know that there are many designers of custom mascot costumes around the world, each of them offering unique and distinctive design services and displaying vast portfolios of excellent costumes they have made for other clients. If you take the time to search your way through these numerous providers you will no doubt be able to find the right one for you.

The first step to finding a good provider of team mascot costumes for your team or group is to look at what kind of work the particular company has done before. There are many generalist companies but also very specialist ones too, either providing their mascot costumes for semi professional sports teams or instead school teams or even corporate organizations.

When considering a company, see if the work that they have done matches up with the type of work that you need doing. If you are a semi professional sports team and need a sports mascot, working with a team of experts that have already done this kind of design work is going to be best for you.

The next thing to consider is whether you actually like the mascots that you see in the portfolio of any particular company. Each professional will have their own style and creative ideas that shine through in their mascot designs. Some of these are bound to appeal to you much more than others, and you should consider this when you are browsing portfolios and deciding who to hire.

In addition to looking at the experience of the company therefore, you should also think about if you actually appreciate their designs too. Next, you can go on to consider the quality of the construction of these different mascot costumes, as you will no doubt be looking for something that is durable and well-made as well as something that looks good.

If you find a company that appeals to you, see what they say about the construction of their items and the materials that they use in the creation of their designs. Some companies will offer cheaper mass-produced services and some offer more detailed handmade ones, and either option might be more appropriate for your needs.

If there is not a lot of information on a company website it is always a good idea to get in contact directly with the company, as you will then be able to find out more information about how they manufacture their designs.

Some may even be able to give you the opportunity to visit their workshop and check out some of their designs in person so you can appreciate the level of quality and effort that has been put into each design.

Finally, make sure that you ask the company about their design process, and how long it will take to create your particular costume. A company that has a very structured organisation,along with a dedicated team taweez to help you create the ideal mascot costume for you, is likely to be the one that you are looking for if you want the best results.